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In order to capitalize on the market potential of the MiTiHeart blood pump, Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc. (MiTi) made a strategic decision to spin off the blood pump technology and establish the MiTiHeart Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary.  MiTiHeart Corporation was established as a Delaware 'C' corporation on February 5, 2003 to develop and market unique blood pumps for patients suffering from congestive heart failure.   $15 Million in technology investment established the efficacy of the prototype MitiHeart blood pump and has significantly reduced the technical risks.  With patent protection of the novel idea behind the MiTiHeart® LVAD, and collaborations developed with the Hershey Medical Center and other leading organizations,  MiTiHeart Corporation is ready to move into the next phase and prepare the MiTiHeart® LVAD for approval by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA).  The original MiTi blood pump patents and the MiTiHeart trademarks have been exclusively licensed to MiTiHeart Corporation.


Located inthe Biotech Alley in Montgomery County, Maryland, Dr. Said Jahanmir was hired by MiTi as VP for Biotechnology to establish and lead MiTiHeart Corporation as President and CEO.  With 30+ years experience in R&D and technology management, Dr. Jahanmir is well suited to establish MiTiHeart as a leading LVAD company.

Montgomery County, Maryland


Dr. Said Jahanmir

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